Dots & Boxes?

Why? Grand Prize € 50

Where? Sciencepark 904 room A.1.10

When? June 18, 11:00-13:00, 2013


Marie Beth van Egmond

Lisa Steverink

Roland van der Veen (KdVI)


Registration is closed.


11.00: Welcome and practice round

11.10: Brief presentation on Dots & Boxes (Dutch)

11.30: Several rounds of poules

12.30: Finals


The tournament starts out with five rounds of play in pools. Every round you play a match of 5 by 5 Dots & Boxes. For every win you earn a point and after five rounds the 8 best players will be selected to compete in the quarter finals. The winner takes home the 50 euro grand prize and floating trophy and there will also be a second and third prizes.


In de finals Robben Riksen overcame Sjabbo Schaveling. The third prize was won by Wieger Hinderks.