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The GT seminar is intended to be an informal meeting place for students and researchers interested in topology in a broad sense. It is moderated by Jorge Becerra Garrido and Roland van der Veen. There are no prerequisites, anyone interested can join. The seminar will meet on Thursdays 13-15 at the Bernoulliborg. Participants are expected to give short presentations and to actively join the discussions. Since this is a new initiative the possibility of getting credits for this as a semi-regular course are yet to be determined.

This semester/block we are doing a seminar on knot theory


Date&room Session 1: 13:00-13:30 Session 2: 13:45-14:15 Session 3: 14:30-15:00
Oct 10, room 165 Kick-off meeting, basic topology. Jorge Discussion of problems Overview of the subject, Roland
Oct 17, room 253 Laurens Espada: The construction of the Moebius strip, Amstrong sections 4.1, 4.2 Discussion of problems Path homotopy, definition of fundamental group, Roland (sec. 5.2)
Oct 24, room 293 Wout Moltmaker: Homotopy of maps. Homotopy equivalences, deformation retracts, contractible spaces. (Amstrong 5.1) Discussion of problems Homotopy equivalent spaces have isomorphic fundamental group. Fundamental group of circle, Jorge
Oct 31, room 293 Aarnout Los: Brouwer's fixed point theorem Armstrong p.110-111 Discussion of problems Fundamental group of circle continued, Jorge
Nov 7, room 293 Oscar Koster: Jordan curve theorem and/or boundary of a surface (Armstrong 5.6/5.7) Discussion of problems Introduction to triangulations Armstrong Ch 6, Jorge
Nov 14, 178 in Linnaeusborg Ruben IJpma: Barycentric subdivision 6.2 Discussion of problems Simplicial approximation and edge group 6.3, 6.4, Roland
FMF symposium 11:30: Roland's talk on a topological proof of the insolvability of the quintic (No Galois theory necessary)
Nov 28, career fair, NO SEMINAR - -
Dec 5, room 222 Berno Reitsma, applications of Van Kampen theorem 6.4 Discussion of problems Start of proof classification theorem of surfaces.
Dec 12, room 222 Manoy Trip, van Kampen theorem Discussion of problems

This semester/block we are doing a seminar on knot theory


As a start we will follow the book Basic Topology by Armstrong to introduce topology and the algebraic techniques of fundamental group and homology. These will be applied to study surfaces and knots and their interactions. Depending on the interest of the participants more advanced topics will follow.