Basic Notions in mathematical physics

Bi-weekly, Thursdays 2pm online

Organiser: Roland van der Veen

What is basic knowledge to one person may be rather mysterious to another. The plan of this seminar is to promote the communication between mathematics and physics by having some informal discussions on basic notions relevant to mathematical physics. The topic is intentionally rather broad but since this is part of the fundamentals of the universe program a few examples that come to mind could be 'duality', 'field', 'tensor', 'quantization', 'distribution', 'action', 'representation',...

Everybody is busy so the point is not to prepare a great and impressive presentation. Rather the converse, if you cannot speak about it unprepared then it may not be a basic notion for you. At any rate the level should not be higher than what a good bachelor student in her/his 3rd year can understand (at least for the first 15 minutes!).


date speaker topic notes
3-12-2020 Johannes Lahnsteiner Quantum Field theory
19-11-2020 Eric Pap JOIN HERE Conjugation and adjoint actions How does conjugation appear in practice? What groups are connected to conjugation? How does a bracket relate to conjugation? Handout available here
5-11-2020 Frederico Zadra Hamiltonian Mechanics I will explain how this construction appears to be the natural choice in some physical problem, how symplectic geometry and in other geometrical frameworks enter in physics.
22-10-2020 Diederik Roest Active vs passive
8-10-2020 Roland van der Veen The dual of a vector space Some topics we may to touch on: Is the dual of the dual the same as the original? How do you raise an index? What is the transpose? and why not just pick a metric/inner product? What is the Dirac delta function? What happens when you tensor with the dual?

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